Sacuki 2023

Thank you!

20th Sacuki Cup & Kendo seminar with Honda sensei is over.

It has been a long and tiring weekend, we made it through sweaty, but with a smile on our faces.

We would like to thank Honda sensei, for teaching us and encouraging us to improve. He is such an amazing person and inspiring teacher. We really appreciate the time he spent with us. Our friendship lasts more than 20 years and is only getting stronger.

Huge thanks to everyone who has joined our event! More than double ammount of participants than last year. Many have come from other countries, took a long drive or expensive flight. We are amazed by it.

You were all awesome. Training hard, hitting other with all the energy but remaining good friends. The best crowd ever!

Thanks to all the seminar participants! Including some very special high ranking guest.

Thanks to all the competitors for their nice ippons and fighting spirit. Congratulations to the winners!

Special thanks to all the referees! Hard work, tough calls, never appreciated enough.

Also thanks for the support from the Czech Kendo Federation -Lukáš Laibrt as president, Martin Formánek as a referee delegate/organizer and Dita Vavrlová as tournament specialist.

And finally thanks to our white-shirt-volunteer team of organizers and supporters and schnitzel makers (Delicious!). They were too many to be named here, but work really hard. Thank you, without you, we wouldn't have any event.


Junior tournament:

1st place: Jiří Ziegelheim (Sandómon Bílina)
2nd place: Artur Churtajev (Nozomi Dojo)
3rd places: Prokop Talach (Seishinkan Brno) & Matouš Frömel (VŠSK Zlín)

Ladies tournament:

1st place: Jana Ziegelheimová (Sandómon Bílina)
2nd place: Manuela Hoflehner (Kendo Linz)
3rd: places: Lucie Šifnerová (Kacubó Kenrikai) & Zuzana Jeníčková (Kacubó Kenrikai)

Men kyu tournament

1st place: Pavel Bílý (Kacubó Kenrikai)
2nd place: Bernhard Zablacky (Kendo Linz)
3rd: places: Adam Bartošek (Kacubó Kenrikai) & Michal Kačmarčík (Kensei Dojo)

Men dan tournament:

1st place: Lukáš Havelka (Nozomi Dojo)
2nd place: Ugo Lemonnier (Kacubó Kenrikai)
3rd: places: Ondřej Dudáš (Kacubó Kenrikai) & Jan Cílek (Kusanagi Kai)

Fighting Spirit Awards:

- Julie Koucká (Sandómon Praha)
- Dita Vavrlová (Tobukan)
- Adam Bartošek (Kacubó Kenrikai)
- Pavel Bílý (Kacubó Kenrikai)

The most beautiful Kendo award:
Lubomir Sagaev (Muso / Kacubó Kenrikai)

Nort vs South XII team tournament:

Team North wins! Yurchenko, Churtajev, Gyulamiryan, Šifnerová, Bassarab, L. Havelka, Urban, Borbély, Lemonnier, Buder.

We have also made three special acknowledgments:

- Nikol Eichlerová, the European Champion, recieved from our Dojo a special framed memorable photo of her with our dedication and thanks and some other small presents. She also recieved a lifetime free participation at the Satsuki event! From the Czech Kendo Federation she recieved several other gifts and a special commemorative plaque. She is our hero and we are big fans!

- We now presented the awards the 20th Satsuki Cup, but we felt the need to commemorate the winner of the very 1st Satsuki Cup more than 20 years ago. Jan Cílek is still strong, keeps winning a still looks young 😃

- Finally we appreciated Honda sensei for his 20 years of friendhsip and support. By the way it was him, who created the name of our dojo and also the name "Satsuki Cup"

Onto the next 20 years of Satsuki! We are looking forward to see you next time!